Yatva Organics

African House - YATVA M.I.A. (Made in Africa) fashion , art and interior .
Our Passion Project. M.I.A will bring everything ‘Made in Africa’ to you through our shop and online.


YATVA Organics focuses on environmentally – friendly, natural produce and products. The meaning of a Natural lifestyle is and has been changing over the years. YATVA Organics is all about natural and organic produce from around the world ranging from skincare, haircare, food & drinks, and wellness products or products that use its natural environment for wellness benefits.


There is a growing demand for a natural and organic way of life, with many people seeking environmentally friendly produce or product with natural ingredients for day-to-day use. Over the years the benefit of Wellness and a natural way of life has and is changing from just a trend to a way of life for the mainstream population, mainly because of the toxicity that is included in the majority of our day-to-day produce or products.


Since 2015 YATVA Organics has embarked on a journey of discovery and research, how can we contribute to this market by making all the natural resources we can find available to our consumers in Europe? So, it is only natural for YATVA Organics to explore Africa considering our brand footprint in the sustainable sector in Africa, combined with the fact that Africa is rich in natural ingredients, naturally, we started to import from different African countries to The Netherlands and UK products and produces like:

Kenya – Coffee beans, Tea, and Honey

Ghana – Cocoa Beans and Shea Butter

Nigeria – Moringa Leaves & Tea, Coconut Oil, Black Soap, Shea Butter, Tiger Nuts, Dates, and Palm Wine


As the demand is growing, we are evolving with our consumers and increased learning as a society about a sustainable and natural way of life. With this in mind, we welcome this newest addition to the YATVA brand - “YATVA Organics”. We will include more natural and organic into our collection and hopefully into your life and home. Natural products, natural healing.