Yatva Art & Culture

African House - YATVA M.I.A. (Made in Africa) fashion , art and interior .
Our Passion Project. M.I.A will bring everything ‘Made in Africa’ to you through our shop and online.


YATVA Brand culture is dynamic and energetic. We approach YATVA Entertainment with the same blueprint: Vintage and Sustainable Modern-day vibes are how we entertain you and your guests.


At YATVA Entertainment our focus is to your Creative director and deliver new, innovative, and creative ways to entertain everyone and anyone by combining various facets of the entertainment sector and we are accessible to all, who want to Create and Entertain creatively. We deliver a unique experience that caters to individuals or businesses.


YATVA Entertainment Creates and specializes in all forms of creative entertainment from Radio, Modern Dance & Poetry, Art, Music, Writing, Artist development, DJ / MC, Fashion shows, Festival organizing, Creative company events ,  Dinner parties, Event / Party Planning, and much more. Whether “you have an idea ” or “you do not know” what your event should look like or what type of entertainment you want, we can assist you. Need an MC to host your party? Or a DJ, Live bands, Live Performers, we got you. 


Creating Events and Entertainment for all your personal and business occasions is our passion. At YATVA Entertainment We Create what the client wants by exploring and combining all forms of entertainment to achieve the best result, we deliver creative, new, and fresh ideas to all our clients so we can create together.

 YATVA Entertainment. Creates and Entertains.