Yatva Vintage Home

African House - YATVA M.I.A. (Made in Africa) fashion , art and interior .
Our Passion Project. M.I.A will bring everything ‘Made in Africa’ to you through our shop and online.


At YATVA Interior, We are not designers, We create designs for you. YATVA Interior creates homes and spaces with a beautiful interior that is functional and uniquely designed for the individual or business. The aim is to make your space speak for you. Whether as a home or as a business. The look and feel matter.


Our mission is to translate your requirement into a creative living or working space that provides character, and functionality combined with sustainable and customized, upcycled modern elements with a vintage twist that reflects each of our clients. What you like, or love matters when we design. Making a space work for you is our vision.


YATVA Interior focuses on challenging the norm while introducing individuality, style, and uniqueness, craftmanship to a space, no space or home is the same. So, let us not create it, like it is.  Where you live and work is a lifestyle, and we cater to all lifestyles whether you are bold, neutral, colourful, or masculine, we can create it. Whatever your taste is we collaborate with you so we can create and complement your taste.



How do we achieve this, we achieve this by getting to know our clients, Space, and the functionality of the space? We provide our client with ten design options and let our client choose three favourites then YATVA Interior begins to create, this will give us an idea of what you want to create, and your taste and allow us to design a space that would complement your needs and taste.

Everyone should feel the YATVA Interior effect regardless of their budget. We can create with any budget.