Yatva - The Brand

African House - YATVA M.I.A. (Made in Africa) fashion , art and interior .
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YATVA – The Brand

YATVA's brand identity is running all our businesses in a creative, sustainable, and ethical way. Our methodology and Branding are the keys to our success. "YATVA" is short for Yetunde & The Vintage Alternatives. The YATVA brand and businesses promote and encourage culture and creativity in all formats.

Over 16 years ago, we created our first business that merges all our skills and experience which includes Urban culture & Lifestyle, Entrepreneurialism, Training & Education, Creativity, Development, Regeneration, Hospitality, Food & Drink, Vintage Fashion Retail & Home, The Arts, Radio & Music, and Entertainment. We achieve it all creatively by working with individuals, businesses, and the community at large. TOGETHER we are “The Vintage Alternatives“ and our approach is to “Challenge the Norm” creatively as a team, learning and growing together so we can contribute to change globally.

YATVA – The Journey

Imagine, 16 years ago, sitting at home, happy, healthy, and in a fantastic job, but still needing and wanting to create. All I knew back then is I wanted to create a business, a Creative and Corporate business. So, I started by creating a business plan based on everything I wanted, learnt, loved doing, and that I am educated, experienced and good at. Not to mention what product or service will I be selling; this was in this business plan.

Of course, ignoring all the guidelines of business planning that I saw online or read because I did not meet the majority of the requirements or experience according to the rules even though I have worked in all these sectors. I did not have a start-up budget, premises, guarantors or subsidies, or an investor, and I did not want to put my home up as a guarantee.

In short, before I even started the business, I was at high risk to everyone, I am sure many people or businesses can relate to this. All I had was and is a great business idea and a plan on how to achieve it, I knew I can do it and how to grow, I had “The Alternatives” future partners, investors, and sponsors. But those are not what business plans are made of.

So, I decided to Challenge the Norm. I did a test plan, a small pilot experimenting in my garage. Converting my garage into my real-life business plan, registered a business and a service called Inu D’Afrique now called “YATVA”, so I activated my “I can do it attitude” plus I still had my fantastic job. The bills to pay, a fallback attitude still lingered.

With this winning formula and a little imagination, creativity, hard work, and a fearless mindset, 16 years later and still counting, we are growing, thriving, creating, and most importantly staying in business and surviving all major business crises. During this amazing journey, I met “The Vintage Alternatives“ - my business partners. "I" became "Us”, and We created a YATVA brand that serves, creates, develops, and educates us and now others in the developed and developing countries. This is YATVA - Yetunde and The Vintage Alternatives, we continue to grow and work together with creativity, development, and businesses at its core.

With YATVA Business partners we are expanding into other sectors, counties, and continents, still with our existing businesses and welcoming new ideas, businesses to the YATVA brand which includes training and developing new and existing creative entrepreneurs, organic farming in Africa, Urban Music development, Kenyan Coffee & Honey Imports, Sustainable African fashion Manufacturing, Customized / upcycling Mentoring Program, and Business.

YATVA brand develops, train and educate on how to combine all your lifestyles, hobbies, education or passion into business so you can create "YOUR BRAND" of business in any continent.

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YATVA Mantra is “Anyone can create with the right mindset!".