Yatva African Vegan Catering

African House - YATVA M.I.A. (Made in Africa) fashion , art and interior .
Our Passion Project. M.I.A will bring everything ‘Made in Africa’ to you through our shop and online.

Food is Creative. Fusion is our Culinary Style. Merging flavours, a melting pot   of culture from around the world that defies food expectation - all in one dish. Dining with us is an Experience that challenges the norm and the taste bud .  We have Created the YATVA Afro Fusion menu for Vegan/Non-Vegan . 


 The YATVA partners Yetunde and Ivy are all from diverse cultures and the first question when you meet somebody is: “have you eaten yet?”  Sharing food is sharing kindness. Every party and event need great food! YATVA Catering / Food Truck is here to cater to that need. With great African, Caribbean, Asian and Indian fusion cuisine, we create Fresh, tasty Vegan and non-vegan food for all.

We cater to all 

  Judge our food on taste, not the label. We believe in honest food, and it is your choice how you want us to create it. The base of our recipes is African Vegan, but we can add to accommodate different tastes. Unless you are Vegan or Vegetarian, the majority of us eat meat fish, chicken, etc.  However, that is changing slowly, many people are curious and are moving towards a healthier way of combining vegan and non-vegan to their diet, and we would want to introduce and contribute. Our menu is Seasoned, Tasty, and Fresh Vegan Fusion food made with local ingredients to nourish your body and mood!


YATVA Truck & Catering is about tasty food from around the world and we want to compliment and introduce a melting pot of flavors from Delicious Vegan & Non-Vegan meals with an Afro Caribbean / Asian fusion that contribute to your special events.


YATVA dining offers various dining experiences ranging from Vintage & Vegan Walking Dinners , Private and Corporate dining, that includes our Vintage Service experience at our location or your location we cater for all your special days or events, from birthdays, company luncheons, or just to entertain your friends and family

YATVA dining experience is an experience to be experienced by all.