Yatva Vintage Stylist

African House - YATVA M.I.A. (Made in Africa) fashion , art and interior .
Our Passion Project. M.I.A will bring everything ‘Made in Africa’ to you through our shop and online.


YATVA Styling uses vintage , sustainable and modern eco fashion to style you, your location, and your event. What is your style statement? , What is your Concept ? What do you want your company to say about you? This is what we can help you create, a style that represents you, your brand, mood, or your image. With YATVA Styling we create your vision and your style with vintage at its core . Let us help you find your vintage gem.


We believe your style should represent and compliment you or your brand in a unique,  fun, vintage, and professional way !  "Challenging the Norm is our brand "


 Make the first impression while expressing yourself personally or professionally . Presentation is your chance to make a first impression “How you dress is a reflection of you .” “It isn’t what you wear, it’s the way that you wear it.” Unbelievable Fashion can help you create that scene or boost your confidence and change how you look and feel.


 We have the largest vintage collection for you to choose from and if necessary we work with other sustainable businesses and stylist to achieve the best result for our clients  .  So, if you are not sure what your style is yet, or what style goes with your event? YATVA Styling can assist and help you translate your style. “We will bring out the best in you” with the outfits to boot. For all your business functions YATVA Styling can create the scene so you can focus Camera . Lights . Action  


Editorial Fashion Stylist.

Included in our Editorial Fashion Package is a creative professional stylist that will put put together the look for your magazine or editorials .

We are flexible and can include different designers from  eco designers , sustainable and vintage pieces creating ’ exclusive looks for your advertisements.


Commercial Stylist
We focus on colours and what colours work great on camera , we make sure the requirements of the brand is met 


Runway Stylist 

As a Runway stylist a lot of action happen behind the scene,  working with designers to unite and showcase their collections, by combining their collection into a runway show that compliments their brand identity giving it a whole new look and vibe altogether.


Product Stylist

We assist with props, and accessories for different commercial shoots .  Our product stylist will creates the mood that matches your product and the outfit, making the photoshoots even more relatable to any and your audiences.

Personal Stylist.
Personal Shopping Assistance
Personal Colour Analysis
Personal Image Consultant
Outfit selection for different occasions

When in concerns fashion , style and how to create it  everyone needs a helping hand . Our personal stylist will assist you with your day-to-day look , building a capsule wardrobe for special occasions, workwear outfits, weddings, festival  and so much more.

People can be insecure about their looks, body shape  and style, this is where our Personal Stylist can help. 


E-Commerce Stylist

As an E-commerce Stylist we are responsible for creating looks for different brands and catalogues for e-com websites. we work with different production houses, photographers, and Independent designers.

Daily Rates € 150  Per hour  - Excluding BTW and Transport costs 
Contact us for our Day Rate